Takeaway is available from 3:30pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Please choose from:

Nachos 25
Warm Corn Chips + Gangsta Sauce + All the Good Stuff
Choice of Chicken/Beef/Pork/Veg/Vegan

Burrito Bowl 25
Rice + Beans + Pico de Gallo + Guacamole + Charred Corn
Choice of Chicken/Beef/Pork/Veg/Vegan

Warm Corn Equites Salad 12
Charred Corn + Mayonessa + Lime + Dorito Crunch

Guacamole 14
House Guac + Warm Chips + Radishes

Call 4099 4441 to place an order.


Get the full Mexican experience: full table service dining, great music, fast and fresh food!


MARGARITAS… Need we say more?!


Want to get your pet bird drunk? Well, that’s one way tequila mockingbird.

Beer & Wine

A selection of beers and wine to accompany the mexican flavours.
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