Our Restaurant

Mexican food at 43 Macrossan St has had a long and colourful history.

From Chief’s, back in the early 90’s to Tortilla’s Cucina Mexicana through the early 2000’s the style of food changed, the people changed, even the big ol’ cactus out front passed away. 🙁

However, one thing remained the same…the Port Douglas local’s call it The Mexican.

The Mexican – Port Douglas was founded in 2015 by Husband/Wife team Sarah and Jon Lovett. They pride themselves on their love for this region and have many years of local and international hospitality experience.

Now, it’s 2023 and we have gone DIGITAL!

You will be presented a QR code on arrival and this is where you will find our menu. You will place your order on the webpage, pay as you go then your food and drinks will arrive via the robots to your table. Just kidding, the robots haven’t arrived yet. 😉

So, bring your device and we can help you get started. 

Sarah, Jon and The Mexican team are always excited to try something new, go out on a limb and bring a little casual funk to the Port Douglas dining scene.

We hope you’ll enjoy it too. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our maximum table size is 12 people.

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